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Custom Sweatpants

Some people find sweatpants not always very complementary because they look cheap. The common reason is, the simplicity of sweatpants in style made the soft trousers gray and boring. One way to give the common sweatpants a different look is to customize it. By turning the ordinary looking sweatpants into a fashion conscious sportswear, people will start to appreciate them again, especially the youth.

Here at Shirtmagic we offer a wide variety of sweatpants that you can customize for your personal use, or for any sports events. Our selection of sweatpants are made of 7.8 ounce, 50/50 cotton/poly fleece which works well in screenprinting, dtg and embroidery machines. This type of sweatpants is ideal for athletic purposes; they're comfortable in the body even when the temperature is hot.

One good design concept to create a custom sweatpants is to use your school logo and custom print it on the pants' fabric. If you want to give your custom sweatpants a more professional appeal, use custom embroidery to process the design. Instead of just resulting to the good ol' school patch that our moms usually attached to our school uniforms, a custom embroidered logo will surely give the sweatpants the different look.

So grab this great opportunity to create uniquely-designed sweatpants from Shirtmagic. Quality is guaranteed and we deliver on time.